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Ed and Ben Schafer are one of the leading father/son auction teams in the area.  They have
been involved in the auction business their entire lives, as Ed's father/Ben's grandfather -  
Vincent Schafer was a very successful auctioneer until his untimely passing in 1994.  Ed
and Ben continue to carry on their late father/grandfather's reputable name by operating
their auctions with same honesty and integrity that Vincent was well known for.   
Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneers offers a wide array of auction related services.  We can
sell one piece to an entire estate.  Ben can also sell you real estate by auction or by the
conventional way of selling real estate.  We also offer appraisal services, as Ben is a court
approved appraiser in Guernsey and Noble Counties.  Call today for the service of your
Ben Schafer is the 5th generation of Schafer’s residing
in Noble County.  With deep roots such as that, Ben is
fully engrained within all aspects of South East Ohio.  
His passion for work has allowed him to serve not only
Noble County, but the entire Southeastern Ohio Region.
Having “hands-on” experience, growing up in the
business, and being reared on a working farm – makes
Ben uniquely qualified in rural Ohio.  

Ben has been involved in thousands of real estate
transactions in his 20 years in the business, ranging
from small rental properties or estates to gas and oil
trades exceeding tens of millions of dollars.  This broad
brush of experience coupled with being an auctioneer, a
real estate broker and operating an ever growing
property management firm in South East Ohio has given
Ben extraordinary boots on the ground training.

Some of his greatest training has come from his father
and grandfather.  The mission statement for Ben
Schafer Realty is a quote from Vincent Schafer, “Take
care of the people, and the people will take care of you.”

Property management has become another segment of
Ben’s business. Being an investor himself, he has hands
on experience delivering value to the owner/tenant
relationship. Understanding market trends in income
investment properties is crucial to an investor’s return
on investment and Ben will help by providing a long term

Ben understands the importance of giving back to the
community and region where he works and lives.  He
donates his professional expertise to the youth of both
Noble and Guernsey County serving as an auctioneer.  
Ben also does several other benefits auction annually,
whether for an individual in need – or an organization,
trying to make a difference.  Ben has served on many
boards in his young age – currently Ben is a trustee for
the Noble County Community Improvement Corporation
and also serves as a member of the Noble County
Regional Planning Commission.  In the past he has been
a Board of Director for the Noble County Chamber of
Commerce and has served as a member of St. Mary’s
Church of the Immaculate Conception parish council.  

Ben lives at home with his wife, Angela and two
daughters, Elle and Claire.  When Ben isn’t busy he
enjoys spending time with friends and family – just taking
it easy.  Ben look forwards to helping “YOU” out in your
next real estate endeavor – whatever is – you won’t be
Edward Vincent Schafer has been a lifelong resident
of Noble County.  Graduating from Shenandoah High
School in 1975, and starting his family shortly
thereafter.  After a stint with Morton Buildings, Ed
decided it was time to go home and join his father,
Vincent, in running the farm.  From 1980 through 1999,
Ed ran the farm where he co-owned and operated a
farrow to finish 120 sow hog operation, a 100 head
cow/calf operation, and ran some sheep.  At the same
time he also helped in Vincent’s Auction business, and
did most of the set up and also worked as a clerk and

After Vincent’s death, Ed attended the Reppert School
of Auctioneering to continue to carry on the family
tradition.  Once Ben went to auction school, Ed and Ben
teamed up to form Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneers.  In
2012, Ed received his real estate license and placed
them with his son’s real estate company – Ben Schafer

Today, Ed continues to co-own and operate Ed and Ben
Schafer, Auctioneer’s where he is also available to
assist anyone when it comes to dispersing of their
assets – no matter the size.  He can usually be found
around the farm, tending to his sheep or helping Laura
raise mums and several gardens.  It is rare you ever
stop by the farm, where Ed doesn’t have time to just sit
and shoot the breeze.  

Ed has been married to his wife of 40 years, Laura; they
have three children – Ben, Jesse, and Katie – and 5
grandchildren.  So no matter what your needs, feel free
to call Ed as he is a natural at making people feel at
Wayne Cooper is a lifelong resident of Ohio and has
spent the majority of his time in both Eastern Ohio and
South Eastern Ohio.  As a lover of the great outdoors,
he has had the opportunity to enjoy all that the Ohio
lifestyle has to offer.  In his travels Wayne has
extensively hunted and fished, not only his native
regions, but across the entire state as well.  

Wayne has been involved in a multitude of real estate
transactions in the past ten years, representing and
selling residential properties, commercial properties as
well as over 20,000 acres of land.  His experience as an
Accredited Land Consultant (one of only three ALC
brokers in the state of Ohio) and training from the
Realtor Land Institute (RLI) has aided many of these
transactions.  Wayne’s additional oil and gas investment
experience allows him a unique and strategic insight into
this highly competitive market.  Extensive training in soil
types, productions, valuation, and leasing options has
enabled him to become one of the key driving forces
behind the only large scale Ohio based leasing firm
which holds fast at the top of the market.  

His most current endeavor includes becoming an
Apprentice Auctioneer, helping to further his skillsets
and offer the highest and best solutions for his
customers.  Marketing outdoor properties in Ohio is not
a generic undertaking.  With extensive knowledge of
farm investment, navigation, tax deferred exchanges
and lifestyle real estate marketing, Wayne brings a high
level of value to all of his buyers and sellers.  Wayne’s
training and experience is second to none, a talent he
takes to heart, all with the goal of creating raving fans
while continuing to work for his current and past clients.  

If you are interested in buying or selling outdoor
properties in Ohio, give Wayne a call on his cell phone
at (614)-493-6454 or the office at 740-305-5054.
Shawn Dostie, "The Friendly Auctioneer" is a resident
of Coshocton County Ohio and travels the US in his
business. He is one of 6 Auctioneers in the State of Ohio
that have joined forces to create
OhioForeclosureAuctions.com, and is a Private Selling
Officer, specializing in Foreclosure real estate. A
licensed Real Estate Agent with Ben Schafer Realty in
Caldwell Ohio, he is experienced in Online, Live, and
hybrid auctions, with specialties in Real Estate,
Industrial, Business Liquidation, Estates and Non Profit

A former car dealer, he offers an alternative to car
dealers over taking inventory to dealer auctions. His
education in the industry includes the Benefit Auction
Specialist courses, the Accredited Auctioneer Real
Estate, and Certified Auctioneer Institute I, of the NAA.
He works with non-profits in the fund raising arena. He
also hosts the Vagabond Auction Road Show. He is
familiar with many different areas of asset allocation and
considers himself more than an auctioneer, a solution

He graduated at the top of his class at K&M School of
Auctioneering, graduated from Hondros Real Estate
College, and is a previous member of the OIADA board
of directors. He is an active member of the OAA and the